About Us: Experience, Advantage, & Service


With more than twenty years experience of being a Cargo General Sales Agency, Hermes Aviation distinguishes itself in the marketing and sales of air cargo products for airlines. Hermes has grown rapidly since 1991 and currently represents numerous airlines in the U.S. and overseas, providing effective marketing and sales of their air cargo capacity in key global markets. Read about Our Leadership at Hermes.


Committed to providing airlines with experienced and respected sales representatives, our sales efforts reduce the airline’s overhead costs and produce significant cargo revenue.  As an outsource solution in the industry, Hermes provides clients with reduced administration and marketing costs. Hermes is also a certified participant of the IATA General Sales & Service Agent Program and an active member of the Federation of Airline General Sales Agents.


In addition to tailor-made sales solicitation and market development, our GSA services provide market research and planning, competitive reviews, distribution of traffic documents, accounting and collections, implementation of promotional campaigns, as well as negotiating for airport facilities and handling arrangements.  Hermes acts as an extension of the air carrier providing market identity in on-line and off-line territories.